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"When your Freedom is on the line, only the best will do."

Law Offices of R.M. Hessling

Renee M. Hessling

Renee Hessling is a lifelong resident of Santa Clara County, and has practiced criminal law for close to fifteen years. Because of her experience in the County, she is familiar with the judges and the lawyers in the system. Renee Hessling considers herself an experienced, aggressive and smart advocate with a reputation for winning cases. Her credentials include graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Politics, and then earning her Juris Doctorate from University of San Francisco.

Rachel Johnson

The success of Law Offices of R.M. Hessling relies on the assistance and organization of legal secretary, Rachel Johnson. Rachel has worked at the office for six years. Clients can depend on her to do all things related to customer service, including messages, organizing files and court dates, and being a positive, friendly help during times of distress and emotion.

Practice Areas


White Collar Crimes


Assault and Battery

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Drug Related Offense

Gang Crime




If there is a criminal matter, Renee Hessling has handled it. Everything from traffic stops gone awry, petty thefts to white collar crime, and special circumstance homicides, Renee Hessling has done it. To be truly qualified, experience is required. With over a decade of experience, Renee Hessling has taken dozens and dozens of cases to jury trial. These cases include domestic violence, D.U.I’s, thefts, robbery, gang cases, juvenile matters, sexual assault, molestation, homicide and assault. There is nothing she hasn’t handled; there is nothing she can’t handle.


Nothing is more serious, nothing is more frightening, and nothing creates more anxiety than facing criminal charges. That is why results matter. Renee Hessling is always focused on how to get the best results. The goal is always how to get the charges dismissed, but it can also mean preventing charges from even being filed. Renee Hessling understands these goals and works with her clients to achieve them. Litigating in the courtroom is a special skillset, as is negotiating for the best results. Renee Hessling has mastered both. She has received “Not Guilty” verdicts on homicides, attempted homicide, gang cases, assault cases, theft cases, and robbery cases.


Reputation is simply the biproduct of hard work and professionalism. For an attorney, nothing matters more than reputation. It means the judge will listen, and it means the Prosecutor will respect. Reputation is a tool used by good lawyers to achieve the desired results. Renee Hessling has an impeccable reputation for being an aggressive, professional and effective advocate.